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Polished concrete is becoming a hugely popular flooring option for industrial spaces. Large warehouses, showrooms, shopping malls, and other industrial areas have gone to polished concrete because it is less expensive, more durable, requires little maintenance, and is more environmentally friendly when compared with other flooring options.

Polished concrete. At least 5 coats of epoxy were removed first!

Polished concrete. At least 5 coats of epoxy were removed first!

The Best Choice for Industrial Spaces

A business owner with a 30,000 square foot or larger warehouse or showroom wants a safe, inexpensive, and long-lasting floor in that space. That makes polished concrete the obvious choice, for many reasons:

Frugality. A polished concrete floor saves money. Not only is it less expensive to install, but it is also less expensive to maintain than other types of floors. Polished concrete does not require sealing – only mopping with warm, soapy water. A properly maintained polished concrete floor can last up to 20 years, so more money will be saved in replacement costs.
Toughness. Polished concrete floors have the ability to withstand heavy traffic without wearing out. Hundreds of people will be walking on the floor of a warehouse or mall on any given day, and a polished concrete floor can take the pressure better than any other type of floor. Polished concrete floors are highly scratch and stain resistant.
Environmentally sound. Polished concrete surfaces require reflect light up to 30 percent better than other surfaces, which reduces the amount of artificial light and heat needed to make the space viable.
Safety. Polished concrete is slip resistant (in accordance with OSHA’s requirements) even when it is wet. It also improves the air quality of the space, since concrete has no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Polished Concrete is All Over

You can see samples of our work all around the South Carolina, including Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Charlotte & Wilmington, NC. In addition to residential areas, we have created polished concrete floors for many malls, warehouses, restaurants, and outlets all over Carolina’s.

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